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Meet Meghan | Family Finance Mom



I grew up like many of you... in a middle-class family with two working parents, where every cent of every paycheck was stretched to its very limit and then some.

My parents didn't talk a lot about money, except for my Dad complaining that my Mom spent money we didn't have, and my Mom racing to the bank to deposit her paycheck before the check for groceries hit first.

While we always had a roof over our heads and food on our table, I also saw family finances as an ever-present, if unspoken, source of stress in my parents' marriage. And I vowed to do things differently.



After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance and Business Economics (and $60,000 in student loan debt), I worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for Morgan Stanley, advising some of the largest businesses in the world about how to manage their finances and fund their companies.

Following completion of my Analyst program, I joined an Equity Hedge Fund as a Research Analyst, investing in publicly traded stocks, as well as private companies, on behalf of institutions, retirement funds, wealthy individuals and endowments.

I also spent time running Investor Relations, Marketing and Product Development for quantitative hedge funds, run by PhDs in mathematics, where I learned how to breakdown the most complicated investment strategies and markets in a way all investors could understand.


I loved my career in Finance, and never thought I would be a stay at home mom. But when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, my husband and I made the decision that was best for our family. With both of us working 60+ hour weeks for hedge funds, we could hire a nanny to raise our children, or I could leave my career and start my toughest job yet - being a stay at home mom.

I quickly realized financial decisions would still be a part of my every day life - but unlike many families, I had the education and experience to understand and analyze them all.

I spent nearly a decade as a Financial Analyst, and have used that experience to spend the last 9 analyzing my family's finances.

I look forward to sharing my simple money tips with you to help your family make the most of its means, and reach your financial goals.



"Just wanted to say thanks for your posts. I really enjoy them. Finance is hard for me. I'm an overachiever in every other aspect of my life, but feel in the dark when it comes to managing money. I basically lived my life by trial and error, with money, into my mid 30s. Most of what I know is self taught. I'm trying to become more savvy and so started following financial people on IG. Yours is the most relatable account!

You put everything in layman's terms and you are also very encouraging. And I LOVE your advice from a female/mom perspective. Thank you!"

—  Kathleen
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"Thanks for the tips! Seriously helpful. Today made me rethink how I approach finances AND my weekly shopping!"

— Adri S.
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"I love the supportive community you are creating. I find finances so intimidating... Nice to know there are places to be open and ask for advice and support! Thank you!"

— Meg F.
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"So well said and so simply obvious when you put it this way. I wish I had found your IG and taken your course sooner!"

— Niki P.
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"What a wealth of information!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to spread your knowledge!!"

— Emily N.
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"I'm new to your page and just love the financial discussion!! I'm especially always SO curious about how others manage their finances, so thank you for sharing!!"

— Laureen D.
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"I really do appreciate and thank you for all your hard work that you put into this... I've never successfully stuck to a budget or truly looked at the money I spend)... this is the first month I'm sticking with it, looking at money in versus out and trying to tackle my own debt from before marriage. So happy I found you!"

— Stacey

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"So, because of you, I've been so motivated to deal with our debt more seriously... Thankful for you & your wisdom"

— Julie H.
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"I love your feed, been following for a few weeks and I was somewhat in denial about all of this but now I'm gonna take it head on!"

— Aimee S.
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"Thanks for sharing and encouraging financial responsibility - I am so encouraged by you!"

— Shannon K.
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"I love your stories! They get me so motivated!"

— @Minimalist.Motherhood
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"I've been so inspired by you sharing such valuable information that I've started reading a book each month about economics, investing, finance, even just basic lingo in my spare time as a SAHM. Thank you!!"

— Lindsey H.
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