20+ Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Investors

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For all of you who have been here awhile, you know I don't often make product recommendations. But since its the season of gifting, I thought you might all appreciate some financially savvy gift ideas. So here are my top gift ideas for investors (and all of you who want to be investors soon too!). Hopefully, these not only will not break your holiday budget, they won't be impacted by the supply chain constraints, and they might just improve your financial futures for 2022!

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Gift Ideas for Investors (and Anyone Who Wants to Be One Too!)

With our kids every season we follow the Rule of 4 when it comes to gifts - we give each child 4 gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. I've decided to share my favorite gift ideas for investors based on these same 4 categories.

Financial Gift Ideas for Investors They Want

For those of you wanting to get started investing, but looking for a little more guidance and direction, a One Eleven Wealth Coaching membership may be exactly what you need. Unlike many financial influencers out there offering financial coaching with no credentials or expertise, One Eleven pairs you with Certified Financial Planners (CFP) to create an actual custom financial plan, as well as a Wealth Coach, with a background in finance and/or psychology, to guide you through the day to day behaviors to make your financial plan a reality. Your membership also gives you access to numerous videos to build your financial literacy, as well as a dashboard to track your progress across all your financial accounts (with all information linked through Plaid, the secure and encrypted platform used by thousands of banks and financial services firms, including Venmo). This is the platform I would want to build if I had the time, staff and resources to do it.

And while most financial plans can cost you $1,000s, One Eleven's membership is just $49.99/month. Save by signing up for a multi-month membership, and get a free 7-day trial. You can cancel your membership at any time.

What's Inclulded in Your OneEleven Membership

Real investors read The Wall Street Journal daily, but on the weekends, they read Barron's.  With this limited-time Black Friday offer, you can get digital access to Barron's for the investor in your life for just $4/month for up to a year!

For investors looking to dig deeper into different investments and investment funds, Morningstar has been the gold standard in independent mutual fund and ETF ratings and research since 1984.

A team of over 150+ independent research analysts rate and provide research reports on countless funds. You can also upload your existing holdings, and use their dashboard to track your to monitor your diversification, holdings and allocations.

You'll find one of these in every hedge fund and financial advisor's office... a money tree! With its braided trunk and broad, evergreen leaves, money trees were first cultivated in the 1980s and have since grown to be a popular gift to bring luck, prosperity, and fortune to the recipient.

Financial Gift Ideas for Investors They Need

If you're just starting out and looking for ways to find money within your current income to invest, there are two things you need... a travel mug and the Busy Moms Budget Workbook.

The travel mug to motivate your recipient to make coffee at home - it may not make them a millionaire overnight, but considering the average American spent more on coffee last year than they contributed to their 401K, it's a start!

And the Busy Moms Budget Workbook to help you plan and track your spending and find the funds to make your financial priorities a reality.

All investors need a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. It's mandatory reading in the financial services industry, so if you want to be more informed and financially literate, you should be reading it too. Get a subscription for the investor in your life today and lock in 50% off for up to a full year! Options for both digital, print or both available.

Real investors need financial calculators. Beyond basic functions, they can calculate present and future values, cash flow streams, IRRs, and more. There are only 2 approved for use on the CFA exam, and this is one of them...

Gifts for Investors to Read

The most successful leaders and investors all have one thing in common - they are readers. And some of the most successful have even shared their insights and expertise by writing their own books for the rest of us to read.

For those just starting out or looking to start investing, I recommend these three books as gift ideas.

For more experienced investors looking to build on and deepen their knowledge of investing, the markets, and the broader workings of the economy, I recommend these three more advanced books as gift ideas for investors.

For more book recommendations as gift ideas for investors (and those interested in building the financial literacy), you can also check out these past posts and book lists.

Gift Ideas for Investors to Wear

For the investors in your life, help them spread financial literacy with some new apparel items from Family Finance Mom. The first, featuring tax-advantaged investment accounts every family should leverage for financial success, and the second set, the Family Finance Mom investment mantra: buy index funds!

... or here's my personal favorite - Index Funds: Beating Professional Money Managers Since 1975. For background, the vast majority professional money managers do not beat the market index over time... so why waste money paying higher fees to them or waste time thinking we can do it when professionals can't? While indexes have been around longer as a means of tracking the market, the first investable index was created by Vanguard in 1975. Save time and money - buy index funds! And get the investor in your life this shirt as a reminder.

See all versions, styles, colors on the Family Finance Mom storefront here.

Find a great gift idea for the investor in your life? Or something you'd like for yourself? What other must-haves should make the gift ideas for investors list?

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