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How to Get Your Husband on the Same Financial Page as You

(EVEN IF you have different views on money)

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In the meantime, if you're struggling to see eye to eye with your spouse over your family finances...

And you're stressed over having different philosophies on debt, spending and worried that disagreements over money are ruining your marriage...

This could be the most important thing you'll ever read.

Here's why...

If you are like most couples, arguing over money, it can be so frustrating.

You want to stop worrying over every bill, get out of debt, and start saving for your family's goals: your forever home, retirement, your kids' futures.

Maybe you've tried to make a budget... and your husband seems on board at the time.

But then he comes home with a new gadget or tickets to a sporting event that cost 3x his fun money budget for the month.

Maybe he's the bread winner. You know he works so hard for your family, and he feels more confident about your finances, so even though you are stressed and worried.

You backdown instead of challenging his spending habits, to avoid another argument over money.

But that leaves you no better off than before, with two different philosophies on money, and no closer to achieving your family's money goals.

You start to wonder if you'll ever be able to work together to get out of debt and save for your future.

The one thing you need...

Before you turn your back on your dreams of future financial comfort, or worse, give up on your marriage, you need to find a way to talk to your husband and work through your money struggles together that works.

A guide that arms you with the resources to gather the facts about your current situation

"We spent $1,200 over the last 2 months on takeout!

A resource that helps you use those facts to build a path forward to reaching your family's money goals... together

"If we limit our fun money to $100 each month, we can be out of debt by the end of this year!"

A real person to turn to with your questions so you can feel smarter about your financial point of view and present them with confidence

"Should my husband stop his retirement contributions until we pay off ou credit card debt?"

A community of women to support you on your journey to financial improvement - to celebrate your wins, and troubleshoot with  you through your struggles!

"We're all in diff situations with diff incomes but we can ALL pay attention to our $ and where it's going vs where it COULD be going. You all GOT THIS!!!"

Which is why I put together a course for aspiring Family Finance Moms covering everything you need to know to get your family finances under control, and moving forward, together.

Let me explain...

Hi y'all! My name is Meghan Rabuse...

I spent my whole childhood watching the adults in my life work incredibly hard - but constantly struggle with money.

It wasn't until my passion for math led me to a degree in Finance and a career I loved as a financial analyst, that I learned it doesn't have to be that way.

When I left my career to be a SAHM to three kids of my own, I realized how many families still live just like mine did growing up... and that I could use my passion to help.

In a moment, I'm going to share with you what I've learned over my life in Finance AND as mom of 3 kids in a now totally debt-free household... and show you how, over the course of a year, with just one simple task a week, you can transform your money situation from one of stress and worry to Financial Fitness!

... and the best part?

You can check it out for FREE if you choose!

Meghan Homepage

Here's the scoop...

If it isn't clear by now, I'm a bit of a finance geek...

I've talked to hundreds of families about where they are in their financial journey... and many are embarrassed by what they don't know or ashamed of their current situation.

As moms, we all encounter financial decisions every single day that impact our entire family. But most of us, don't have the benefit of a degree in Finance and a career as an analyst in making them.

There's no shame in that! You don't need one - but you do need some simple tools, and a willingness to learn basic financial skills, to make a change.

The Year to Financially Fit... One Week at a Time course is designed to give you everything you need to do exactly that.

Each week, we will work through one task from The Family Finance Workbook, using a one-page weekly guide and the templates and tools included in the workbook.

Every task will take as little as 5 minutes to as much as an hour or two. You choose when you do it. Each week will have the potential to make a big impact on your family finances, gaining knowledge, and more importantly, confidence.

In addition to The Family Finance Workbook, you will also gain access to the private Financial Fitness Challenge group. Being part of a community is invaluable to the motivation and success of the entire group. Each week, I will walk through the week's task, take Q&A from the group, and encourage you all to share your wins and help troubleshoot your struggles.

You CAN do this... and you don't have to do it alone!

FFM Workbook Cover
FFM Workbook Checklist

Here's a taste of the tasks we will tackle:

How to take control of the day to day

  • Where is your money going now?
  • How to build a budget - based on YOUR life - that you can LIVE with
  • How to stick to that budget with your daily expenditures
  • Where to look for savings in your daily life to reach your short and long-term money goals
  • How to ditch credit cards for good

What to do every month

  • How to create a financial calendar to END late fees, overdraft charges AND eliminate unexpected budget surprises
  • Where to tell your money to go and when
  • A system for review, adjustment and progress towards long-term goals
  • Resources to analyze, negotiate and reduce bills

How to improve your financial awareness

  • A basic understanding of financial headlines
  • What economic and financial information matters - and what you can tune out as noise
  • Understanding major financial history - and why it matters to your family finances

How you can be smarter & more confident about money

  • How to frame all financial decisions through the 4 basic building blocks of finance: price, risk, return and time
  • How to gauge your personal risk profile vs. your money goals to make investment allocations
  • How to define your financial goals to achieve them

And that just scratches the surface...

I want to empower you to take back control of your family finances - and the confidence to do it, one week at a time.

If you are worried you aren't good at math - or that most finance is so confusing... don't be!

Part of my career in finance was spent in product development and investor relations - my job was to turn complicated financial products and research created by PhDs and hedge fund wizards into everyday language that anyone can understand.

And now I'm doing the same for family finances - breaking it down into bite-size tasks, anyone can apply and everyone can understand.

But you don't have to take my word for it...

Here's what actual followers are saying about Family Finance Mom:

(which has totally changed some family's mindsets and motivated to make major changes already...)

"Just wanted to say thanks for your posts. I really enjoy them. Finance is hard for me. I'm an overachiever in every other aspect of my life, but feel in the dark when it comes to managing money. I basically lived my life by trial and error, with money, into my mid 30s. Most of what I know is self taught. I'm trying to become more savvy and so started following financial people on IG. Yours is the most relatable account!

You put everything in layman's terms and you are also very encouraging. And I LOVE your advice from a female/mom perspective. Thank you!"

—  Kathleen
Instagram Follower

"Thanks for the tips! Seriously helpful. Today made me rethink how I approach finances AND my weekly shopping!"

— Adri S.
Instagram Follower

"I love the supportive community you are creating. I find finances so intimidating... Nice to know there are places to be open and ask for advice and support! Thank you!"

— Meg F.
Instagram Follower & Fitness Course Member

"So well said and so simply obvious when you put it this way. I wish I had found your IG and taken your course sooner!"

— Niki P.
Instagram Follower & Fitness Course Member

"What a wealth of information!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to spread your knowledge!!"

— Emily N.
Instagram Follower

"I'm new to your page and just love the financial discussion!! I'm especially always SO curious about how others manage their finances, so thank you for sharing!!"

— Laureen D.
Instagram Follower

"I really do appreciate and thank you for all your hard work that you put into this... I've never successfully stuck to a budget or truly looked at the money I spend)... this is the first month I'm sticking with it, looking at money in versus out and trying to tackle my own debt from before marriage. So happy I found you!"

— Stacey

Instagram Follower

"So, because of you, I've been so motivated to deal with our debt more seriously... Thankful for you & your wisdom"

— Julie H.
Instagram Follower

"I love your feed, been following for a few weeks and I was somewhat in denial about all of this but now I'm gonna take it head on!"

— Aimee S.
Instagram Follower

"Thanks for sharing and encouraging financial responsibility - I am so encouraged by you!"

— Shannon K.
Instagram Follower

"I love your stories! They get me so motivated!"

— @Minimalist.Motherhood
Instagram Follower

"I've been so inspired by you sharing such valuable information that I've started reading a book each month about economics, investing, finance, even just basic lingo in my spare time as a SAHM. Thank you!!"

— Lindsey H.
Instagram Follower

Resolved to get Financially Fit for the New Year?

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A Year to Financial Fitness Course & Bonus Package

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I can't wait to share this AMAZING journey over the next year with all of you, and see just how far each of you come.

See you in 2019!

Meghan Rabuse | Family Finance Mom

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