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How to Get Your Husband
on the Same Financial Page As You

EVEN IF you have different financial philosophies and income levels


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work together to reach your financial goals...

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important thing you have ever read.

Here's why:

You see, if you're like most couples who struggle to see eye to eye when it comes to your family's finances, with every month that passes, the more frustrated you both become and the more difficult it becomes to even start the conversation.

You set a budget for the month, and your husband blows it on one big purchase you didn't even know he was considering. You fall further behind on your plan to save for a house or start your kids' college fund.

Maybe he thinks because he makes all (or more) of the money, that he can spend as he wants. Or dictate exactly how much you can spend.

Or you think because you are just home with the kids, not bringing in any income, that you don't get to have as much say in the family finances, even if you are the one stressing each month about paying all the bills and balancing the checking account every month.

It could be that you both lack the financial education and experience to feel confident about setting and sticking to a financial plan for your family.

And trust me, I completely know what that feels like...




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