Market Update 1-24-2022

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The rough start to 2022 continued for the stock market last week. What’s driving it? Rising interest rates and commodity prices, the start of Q4 earnings season, and weakening jobless claims data. We also got the start of December housing data last week too. Get more details below for this week’s market update or listen on this week’s episode of Finance Explained.

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Meghan spent nearly a decade as a Financial Analyst, before spending the last 7+ as a SAHM to three little ones. She shares simple money tips for moms to help your family reach your financial goals by building a financial plan you can LIVE with! You can learn more about her background in finance, catch her daily on Instagram and Facebook, and her weekly live discussions in her community for Family Finance Moms.

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  1. Greg Huber on January 31, 2022 at 11:45 pm

    Hi .. my name is Greg Huber .. I am a financial planner / RIA and I enjoy following you and listening to your updates whenever I can. I especially like how you make economic news digestible by people who don’t have finance backgrounds. I just listened to today’s (1/31) segment and I have a couple of inputs: (1) with regard to homeowners insurance, mention there are also direct providers to consider (e.g. USAA and Amica), with USAA being great for those who have been in the service and their dependents, (2) with regard to homeowners insurance, mention getting replacement cost coverage, and (3) with regard to ETFs vs. Mutual funds, explain how capital gains distributions are handled differently for taxes. Thanks! Greg

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