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My 10 Favorite Money Books for Kids

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After sharing my 20+ Favorite Finance Books for YOU… I got lots of requests to share a similar list of money books for kids. So I teamed up with my friend Lauren at Happily Ever Elephants to share just that! 

As the child of a kindergarten teacher, I grew up in a house full of children’s books. And when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, my mom threw me a children’s book themed baby shower. The love for children’s literature runs deep in our family – and it is often my resource of choice when looking to introduce new topics to my kids. 

If you are looking to start the conversation about money and family finances with your children, these are my favorite money books for kids. I talk about the 4 basic elements to teach kids about money:

  • Things Cost Money
  • Money is Earned
  • The Power of Saving
  • The Importance of Generosity

… and highlight my favorite children’s books to go along with each one, including THE book that introduced me to the world of finance as a child and sparked my entire future. To get the full list, head on over Happily Ever Elephants to catch my 10 Powerful Books About Money for Kids.

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For more awesome ways to teach your kids about money, be sure to follow my Pinterest board, Teaching Kids About Money. How old are your kids and what have you taught them about money so far?

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