How to Keep Money Problems Out of Your Marriage

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Money problems and marriage don’t have to go hand in hand. Learn how this simple solution can keep money problems out of your marriage for good.

How many of you struggle with money problems in your marriage? I have a secret for you… you are not alone. Very few marriages are free of money problems. It doesn’t matter how much household income you have, whether you are debt free, or buried in student loans and a mortgage, almost every couple has disagreements about money. But at the center of most money problems and marriage isn’t actually money, bills or debts at all…

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce in marriages... but it's not lack of money that's the problem. Money problems and marriage issues stem from an inability to TALK about money with your spouse. Get the FREE printable to jump start the family finance conversation with your spouse to help you get on the same page! #personalfinance #marriage #money #familyfinances

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Meghan spent nearly a decade as a Financial Analyst, before spending the last 7+ as a SAHM to three little ones. She shares simple money tips for moms to help your family reach your financial goals by building a financial plan you can LIVE with! You can learn more about her background in finance, catch her daily on Instagram and Facebook, and her weekly live discussions in her community for Family Finance Moms.

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