7 Secrets to a Successful First Home Mortgage

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“We are pre-approved for WHAT?!?!” I will never forget nearly falling out of my chair when my husband (then boyfriend) and I went to get our mortgage pre-approval to buy our first home over a decade ago. We still had student loans, car payments, and a love of travel we wanted to afford… we didn’t want our mortgage to leave us living paycheck to paycheck and eating PB&J every night. But as two finance majors, we had insights many first time home buyers do not. Understanding a few nuanced secrets to the home buying process based on my experience can help you be more confident in your purchase, and more certain that your first home mortgage is a successful fit for your family’s finances.

Buying your first home is a huge personal and financial milestone, something to celebrate as a family. You shouldn't have to worry about your first home mortgage. Here are the 7 tips I wish I knew before taking on my family's first home mortgage. | Family Finance | Financial Savvy | Finance Tips |

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