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10 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor Before Hiring One

Ever wonder whether you have enough money to even meet with a Financial Advisor? Or maybe you aren’t even sure how a financial advisor can help you? Catch my Q&A with Brittan from Financial AdvisHER to help you answer those, as well as what questions to ask a financial advisor BEFORE hiring one. When it…

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Know Your Family’s Risk: How the National Debt Affects YOU!

Learn why the national debt matters and how it directly impacts your family now, and going forward We all have our biased lens through which we look at the world. As a former financial analyst, my lens is biased towards the numbers: dollars, cents and statistics. While today there are many points of highly publicized political debate,…

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20+ Best Books about Finance

It’s no secret to any of you that I’m a big finance nerd… put that together with my love of reading and I’ve read a lot of finance books in my life. Books build knowledge, inspiration and motivation like nothing else out there. There’s a reason the most successful people in the world are avid…

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