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Women & Money: 10 Facts We All Should Know

Over the last 100 years, women and money have come a long way. Learn about the history of women’s financial rights, the modern statistics associated with women and money, and why improving women’s financial literacy is Family Finance Mom’s #1 mission. While there’s endless discussion today of the gender wage gap, the reality is women’s…

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10 Things to Know About A Stock (Before You Buy One)

When you talk about investing, the first thing everyone thinks about is buying stocks. There’s a lot more available out there when it comes to investing, but… Here’s a little Investing in Stocks 101, with the 10 things every person should know about a stock BEFORE you buy one. Whenever I talk about investing, I…

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Understanding Investment Risk for Women

All of us want to earn more on our investments. But many women, if we are really honest with ourselves, are nervous about investing because we are afraid of losing money. In most things in life, women are more risk-averse than men, and investing is no exception. It causes them to compound the already well-known…

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